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Apparel sizing guide

To find the right size, follow the apparel sizing guide provided. Measure key areas, such as bust, waist, and hips, and use these measurements. To match with the corresponding size chart. Pay attention to any specific instructions or notes on fit. And consider the garment’s style and intended fit. If in doubt, reach out to customer support for personalized assistance.

Use a flexible measuring tape to ensure accurate measurements. Follow the guide’s instructions for each specific measurement point

Pay attention to the guide’s recommendations on fit, whether it’s a relaxed fit, slim fit. Or tailored fit, this can impact how the garment will look and feel on you.

Different styles may have unique sizing considerations. Review any style-specific notes in the sizing guide. To ensure the best fit for that particular garment

If we find out that you have received the exact your  apparel sizing guide, we will be happy and very pleased with our work. Here you can find tables and examples of how to check your sizes, to be sure in your choice, and we also want to be sure that you are happy. Please check as shown here and choose of the best  for your suitable size.


We have the opportunity and desire to think about who has different shapes, and they has problems with the sizes.So they can not find their sizes that small that long,short. Here you can find four types of sizes: 1) REGULAR – standard, 2) ATHLETIC – muscular body 3) SHORT is a short body and 4) LONG is a long body.

If you can not find your size and you want something individual?

Yes! We can do it individual for your body. Send to our mail: (



Chest -? (Your size) Waist-?Hips-?Sleeve-? Inseam -? Be careful and measure correctly.

Apparel sizing guide

Apparel sizing guide
Apparel sizing guide

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